She Needs to Write That Down

It never fails, my faults are displayed not only out here on the world wide web but also in my own home. All too often the kids poke fun at Mom’s absentmindedness or silly personality but these three kids know their manners, they do their chores, they are super independent and well behaved children, I guess if they want to be silly and poke fun all in the name of more laughter in the house, so be it. Does not bother me one bit.

The other morning my daughter told me to pick up something the next time I get to the grocery store. I replied letting her know of course I would. Next thing I know my six year old son is piping up “she will have to write that down” and I laughed. I told the six year old I wouldn’t need to write it down because after all it’s an item I would normally pick up while grocery shopping anyways.

Then it happened … I dropped two kids at school, came home, started to get some work done. Made lunch for the four year old and then, only then, did I realize I had to get something at the store for my daughter but whatever it was, I could not remember. If my life had depending upon knowing what it was my daughter had asked me to get only hours prior, I would not have made it.

It took me another half hour to really wrack my brain to determine what it was she needed me to pick up and then as I made my four year old’s peanut butter only sandwich, it dawned on me; I was asked to pick up jelly at the grocery store the next time I went there. Jelly. That was it, but I couldn’t remember nor had I thought to write it down like the six year old totally said I should do.

Thank goodness for my Post-it memo pad on the fridge, from now on I will take my six year old’s advice and write it down.


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  1. HAHAHAHA! I am the queen of sticky notes. If I don’t write it down, you can be guaranteed that I’ll forget. I also keep a small notebook in my bag with me at all times and keep lists of the stuff I need to do.

  2. I am finding more and more as I get older, that I have to write things down or I will forget. And even then I still forget! Especially now that I am pregnant I am forgetting more and more things, it is crazy!

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