How To Use Technology For Back to School Preparations

Technology is an Education Equalizer

Few parents are able to afford sending their children to elite private schools costing upwards of $14,000 per year. However most can afford the technology necessary to level the playing field. Armed with a tablet and some great apps, your child can obtain the best education possible and have access to well-presented multimedia textbooks, tutorial software, note taking and organizational apps. Every day people are creating multitudes of new apps. Most are low cost and many are even free. Access to these technology tools will make education fun and allow your child to pursue almost any avenue of interest. From music composition to pre-calculus, you will almost always find an app that will enhance your child’s education. Apps can also keep your child safe throughout the day.

Back to School Shopping on iPad

Back to School Shopping can be so hectic when you go to an actual store, so why bother? Use your iPad to order from anywhere. With a good iPad case you can do your back to school shopping from almost anywhere you desire. Maroo offers a variety of iPad cases that are convenient for both parents and children. They conveniently unfold to support your iPad while using patented SG Bumper technology to prodect against drops and accidents.

If your child does not yet have an iPad, you might want to think about getting her one. Apple calls the iPad the device that is changing the classroom. The Apple iPad starts at $399.

One of the most inexpensive tablets is the Kindle Fire for only $199. While it is not as sophisticated as the iPad, it can definitely help with school. Students get access to the Web, free and pay for books, Android apps and built in text to speech. While text to speech is a great way to study while on the go or engaging in other activities such as household chores, it can also help those with reading difficulties either due to vision problems or dyslexia. The ability to multitask using text to speech may add many hours of potential study to a student’s day.

iPhones can be used for running many applications. One of the top 10 applications mentioned by Time is Evernote. It allows you to organize and associate notes, photos and voice memos. You can also search them, tag them and synchronize them with the Web. This is an excellent application for keeping notes available all the time.

Android phones also do far more than communicate. Providing access to the Internet, eBooks and thousands of apps including the popular Evernote, they are an admirable assistant for any student.

Using Phone Apps to Track and Communicate with Your Child

GPS Tracking Pro will work on any Android phone. You can locate friends and family anytime. It even has a check in feature that sends an alert when your child is in trouble. Users give GPS Tracking Pro a five star rating.

The Norton Safety Minder is a cool app for nosey parents. When downloaded on your child’s Android phone or Kindle, you can snoop on the websites your child visits, read her texts and see which apps she installs.

Kids Place Android Parental Control is an app that allows parents to restrict their child’s access. An app launcher limits access to applications a child can run, while a child lock protects personal data and can limit operations that cost money such as phone calls and texts.

A recent article in KSAT News discusses a potentially lifesaving app for teenagers. Texting while driving increases the chance of a crash 23 times! Most parents want to prevent their teens from doing this and with tXtBlocker they can. For $6.99 a month a parent will be alerted whenever their teen is texting while driving.

Top Learning Apps

Motion Math HD (iPad. $2.99) is a game where players are asked to place decimals, percentages and fractions on a number line using iPad’s gyroscope. To make the number land correctly the iPad must be tilted either right or left. As levels progress the game becomes more challenging. Upper elementary grade students acquire an intuitive feel for numbers regardless of form.

Grammar App by TaptoLearn (iPad. $0.99) is a popular app store download. It is presented as an interactive book. Your child reads and then takes a quick test to evaluate her understanding. There are numerous easy tutorials helping your child learn all the basics of grammar, punctuation and how to write sentences correctly. With over 200 tutorials, practice exercises and video tutorials a student of any age who regularly uses Grammar App is bound to become an expert.

Google Play currently has 600,000 Apps and the iTunes store has half a million. With the rapidly growing, continuous and inexpensive availability of tablet, iPhone and Android software, there is no doubt that our children will have abundant and ever-growing opportunities to have fuller learning experiences aided by technology.

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