Using Self Storage During a Time of Transition from Place to Place

There was one time and one time only that I used a self storage center for my belongings, and that was when I moved from a place I lived into my mother’s home as part of my transition to a different stage in my life. I remember having my girlfriend, one who I have known since I was 13 years old, help me move some of the items from my place into the storage unit.

It was hilarious because I had been cheap back then, single mom only able to afford a particular sized storage unit and so I needed to be creative to ensure all of my items fit snug into the unit while not being stacked in a way that if you opened it the items fell on your head.

Imagine it now, two moms dragging stuff up stairs to get to the storage unit, neatly piling, stacking things high as the rules of the storage unit center would allow and wondering why in the heck I didn’t get a bigger storage unit or sell off some of my items. It was a fun time, but I do recall not having room to take some of my items when I finally stopped using the storage unit.

I lost a chair and some other small items simply because I did not want to waste the gas to drive back to the self storage place to get a couple of items. I have moved a lot in my lifetime, mostly prior to having kids and am thankful there are so many self storage centers out there for people to take advantage of. It makes life easier when you are moving from one stage in your life to another or moving from a larger place to a smaller place, saves on clutter in the home.

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