National Baby Safety Month Survey Results from VTech

In honor of National Baby Safety Month VTech conducted a poll regarding parents attitudes and purchasing habits concerning baby safety.

The overall results were that parents are extremely safety conscious with the majority (71 percent) of survey respondents labeling themselves as either “close supervisors” or very “protective.” I personally think that I am a close supervisor. My parenting style really helps me to ensure the children are safe from a distance while allowing them the freedom to learn about their world on their own.

In my home, I use the VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Monitor as a way to be a closer supervisor of my children while they are playing downstairs and sleeping. This product has proven to be an amazing way to give the children that feeling of individuality while still creating a way for me to push a microphone button and speak to them if they are getting a little out of hand or being dangerous.

Now, with a niece coming in January and thinking about being an auntie for the first time I find myself wondering about baby safety and giving tips as well as suggestions to my sister. I also listen to her concerns and honestly she helped with my first born a ton so she gets the whole parenting thing. I am happy to say that because I adore the VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Monitor so much, my little niece will be watched over with this same product! {see full feature in my baby shower guide in October}

Some other fun survey findings from the VTech poll that I wanted to share:

  • Men and women have different safety styles — men identified themselves as more relaxed about baby safety than women.
  • Parents get an “incomplete” on their safety homework — only 40 percent of survey respondents researched important safety recalls to ensure their products are not defective.
  • Parents are good at following instructions for safety — the majority of parents surveyed (58 percent) read all the instructions before using or assembling the product to ensure safe operation.

My sister is already being safety conscious for her newborn that is set to arrive in January by researching recalls and really making sure each product she gets from yard sales, consignment shops and similar are perfectly up to code or else they get tossed.

What is your parenting style when it comes to safety? Are you a close supervisor or over protective?

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