Everything Looks Like a Toy Model

All week we have been talking about the Parlin Field open house here in town, where kids ages 8-16 would be able to fly in a plane for free. You can tour the facilities and check out planes, so off we went to enjoy some time at the local small airport and let Miss Ki ride on her first airplane ride with her best friend who went last year on a plane here.

There is the plane that Miss Ki and her best friend were getting ready to get in and take off on Ki’s first flight. Funny thing is? Miss Ki was smiling for her first flight and yet I remember my first flight last year heading to NC in a bigger plane at a big airport and having my heart in my throat, not my brave daughter! She was happy and excited!

The pilot let the girls know how to use the headset and even showed them a bag that they need to grab to throw up in if they get sick because he is the one who has the clean the plane if there are any sickies.Β  Thankfully they did not get sick!

The girls were all buckled in and ready to go! I love that Ki was able to experience this with her best friend, that is probably most of what kept her from getting too anxious about the flight! My sons were sad for they are too young to ride but I will share pictures and a post another day of what they were able to experience instead!

The girls received a certificate and a log book. So on August 25th this same event will be at Lebanon, NH airport where kids ages 8-16 can ride free and get the same certificate and log book. I won’t be able to attend that one, but will be on the lookout for more events so Ki can get her flight hours in her log book.

When Ki got off of the plane I asked her how it was and she said “it was fun and everything looks like a toy model from up there”. The pilot flew over each of their houses so they could see a birds eye view of their homes and went over Mt Sunapee. I am so thankful that my daughter was able to experience this and enjoyed it!


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  1. Totally brave AND in small plane! My last flight was to Desert Storm and we had two emergency landings. I have a bit of a phobia now. So congrats to your little princess for being much braver than this ol lady. πŸ™‚

  2. When I was your daughters age I also went on my first plane ride. My uncle owned a plane and we were so excited! Being up that high scared the crud out of me (I’m still afraid of heights to this day) and my sister spewed her guts out lol!

    What an amazing experience for your daughter! I wish they did stuff around here like that!

  3. My son would just LOVE that! When I was a kid, our town had a small “airport” (really just a hangar and a landing strip) and the first time I saw a real airport I was amazed at how large the planes were after seeing the little private craft in our town.

    1. Well it probably helped that her best friend who rode with her had done this last year so her parents told me all about it … probably helped calm my nerves & hers πŸ˜‰

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