Post-it Products for Back To School #backtoschool #parents


As you head off back to school I bet you have seen all sorts of amazing products in the stationery aisle of your favorite stores, but have you noticed what Post-it has to offer your school kid or adult? Well here is a list of fabulous back to school products from Post-it:

Post-it Pop Up Note Dispenser

The Post-it Pop up Note Dispenser is an easier way to keep track of those Post-it notes, simply set this on your desk and have instant note taking in process. Fits the 3 x 3 Post-it notes.

Post-It Flags, Post-it Flag + Highlighter & Pen, Post-it Flag+ Highlighters

Have all you need at your finger tips with the Post-it Flag+ highlighter & pen, this is something I use daily in my office. Makes note taking and highlighting important details in books easier. Also with the flags on the top of the pens, you are able to bookmark or make notes without writing on paper or searching the for the Post-it Flags by themselves.

Post-it has a wide array of products for your back to school student, from elementary age through college and even working adults, you are sure to find something that makes back to school more fun this year with Post-it notes and their accessories.

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    1. Jealous! That would be the coolest to have on my desk …. I have a different one in the box sitting in my office since it doesn’t have a “home” yet .. office is a mess.

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