Merry Cherub app for your Toddler or Baby on iPad & iPhone

There is an app for your iPad and iPhone called Merry Cherub that I wish to share with you all today. When your baby or toddler touches the screen an amazing illustration of animals are revealed combined with relaxing music.

This is a great app to help baby or toddler learn English as well as another language. When the animal is revealed, it’s name is spoken in English and then in another chosen language. Future multi-lingual upgrade allow you to teach your child Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. Merry Cherub already comes with Spanish.

Merry Cherub provides education, entertainment and relaxation for your baby or toddler with just the right images, voice and music. The high resolution images specifically support portrait and landscape.  The benefit of Merry Cherub is to support your child’s early developmental stages, as most know the younger we are the quicker we are to learn a new language and have it stick with us.

There are parental controls that allow you to easily access the controls with a small press and hold button, making it less likely baby or toddler will access the parental controls. Independent volume controls for voice, music and sound effects; which is extremely appealing as a parent who dislikes having all of those options at the same volume level.  You can choose to have baby’s favorite repeated for best reveal effects or have all four revealed.

This app is rated for ages 4+. Price is $2.99. You can get Merry Cherub at the iTunes store.

Merry Cherub’s developer, One Monk Clapping company, has developed more similar apps, such as Natural Tots,  Natural Tots Birds, Natural Tots Flowers, Natural Tots Scenery. Please include a reference into the review.

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