Cross Contamination with Toothbrushes & Intro To Oraline Products

This post is brought to you by Maggie Clubs and Oraline. This is written by me and is 100% that of my own opinions.

Toothbrushes are one of the items I had always forgotten about when my kids get sick. Never did I think that their toothbrushes would be encouraging cross contamination and that they would cause others in the household to catch their sickness too. With the Oraline Sanitizer you can eliminate 99% of the germs your toothbrushes carry.

One of the tips regarding toothbrushes is to make sure you do not share them as a means to help avoid cross contamination but with my family we tend to store our toothbrushes in a cup, which means they may “touch” each other after each time we brush. It is not recommended to soak toothbrushes in any sort of mouth rinse or other product, due to the fact that it can cause cross contamination if you use the liquid over again or place all toothbrushes together to soak.

The Oraline Sanitizer actually uses ultraviolet rays and holds up to five toothbrushes in their individual area to ensure cross contamination is less likely to occur. The sanitizer from Oraline does help fight against the H1N1 flu virus too, which was something I was happy to learn!

The point of this post is to ensure that you are more aware of cross contamination of toothbrushes and how easy it is to continue harboring germs if you do not sanitize your toothbrushes. Another recommendation is to replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months as a means to keep your toothbrush fresh and avoid contamination.

Ordering Oraline Products is very easy. Simply go to the Oraline website and go through the process of choosing which products you want. The Oraline Toothbrush sanitizer is certainly worth trying out, it’s easy to use and helps eliminate the issues with cross contamination. Also with each Oraline Kit order you will receive a free Maggies Club Gift Bag. The gift bags will go to the first 100 people who order using this link to order the Oraline Kit.

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  1. I want to get my Mom one of those. I keep my toothbrush in a drawer, well away from anyone else’s toothbrush and far, far away from the toilet because when you flush a toilet bacteria is released into the air. Even if you flush with the lid down, it’s not airtight and all that nasty stuff is flying around in the air and landing on toothbrushes that are kept in the little holders by the sink.

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