AT&T Says it Can Wait and American Idol Tour #ItCanWait

I am so excited to be telling you all that I am taking my Mom to see American Idol live in Manchester soon and while this is a great experience there is a deeper message I want to share as part of how I am able to attend this fantastic event. AT&T’s It Can Wait Campaign, follow along on Twitter with hashtag #ItCanWait to see what the buzz is all about.

Image Credit: AT&T

How many of you text while driving? It is against the law in most states to text and drive, just another common sense law that one should realize to not do on their own.  Every where I drive I can see signs citing that people are not to text while pulling into the quick oil change garage doors, do not text and be waited on by a bank teller at the drive up and so on. These silly signs actually matter, because teens are having accidents because they live in the I want it right now instead of it can wait mindset. I am very aware of adults who can’t wait either!

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” simulator will be at the American Idol show and I invite everyone to try it out, I know I will. I think I can even talk my Mom into trying it. The thing is, everyone feels it is safe to text and drive, but it is not. Heck I can barely talk and drive so when my cell rings or beeps while driving down the road, I ignore it. Matter of fact, my cell is normally set to silent or vibrate while I am driving. That way if I hear the vibrations over and over again I know it may be an emergency so I can pull over to check it but if it only vibrates a little? It can wait …. #ItCanWait

Think you know, but want to share this with a teen you love or maybe feel you need a reminder to your own self not to text and drive? Then check out all of the tips on AT&T’s website about the dangers of texting and driving. Once you are ready go ahead and take the pledge to not text and drive, I know I have taken this pledge and can’t wait to try out the AT&T simulator at the American Idol show this coming weekend.

Remember, follow along with me @brandyellen on Saturday during the American Idol event while I hope my data plan works so I can live tweet using hashtag #ItCanWait during the show!

Disclosure: I received two complimentary tickets to American Idol tour. Any & All opinions shared in this blog post are that of my own.

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  1. These commercials break my heart – they are so hard to watch with the family members talking about their loved ones – or the one with the boy who survived the accident, too. SO heartbreaking. It can truly wait – so important for everyone to remember.

  2. It CAN wait! I really hope my kids (8 and 3) understand that. I set the example by showing them that I DON’T touch my phone while I am driving.

    Have fun at American Idol Live!

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