Working Out Starts Yet Again … EA Sports Active on Wii

I swear I can never keep up with a regular work out routine for long. In the past I watched as inches and pounds dropped while muscle tone was built up using EA Sports Active on the Wii and each time I felt even more positive and happier than before, if that’s even possible.

So once again I hopped on the bandwagon of working out daily for the scale was tipping forward and I was all set on letting my stress get the best of me, no more tummy gain because of the amount of responsibilities I have on my shoulders. Granted I take stress very well and tend to be happily ADD-ish about it (no I am not diagnosed ADD or ADHD, it’s just how I joke about the ability of my brain to work so fast), however, my body doesn’t seem to handle it very well.

Not only is the work out great for me, it’s showing my kids that having a daily exercise routine as part of your life is a good thing to do. I am looking forward to being able to eat whatever I want and not have added weight while I watch myself get back down to 180lbs or lower, like I was a couple Summers ago when I was working out on a regular basis.

My daughter set up her own profile on EA Sports Active and decided against the 30 day challenge I am doing, rather she set up her own custom workout routine that works best for her age, height and weight!

If you really want to keep up with my journey in weight loss, check out my Pinterest Weight Loss Board where other bloggers will update their journey with me or my other blog Moms Vacation Land (start of my journey pics included).

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  1. I’ve got an EA Sports Active for the Wii and don’t use it! I’m going to get it out again this weekend. I’ve no idea what I weigh now, I don’t own scales and haven’t been weighed in a long time. I can tell I’m not gaining because my clothes still fit.

  2. I can totally relate! I’ll start gung-ho then fizzle quickly. I’m sad to say that I get hardly any exercise these days and, with so much work, I haven’t been able to keep my daughter moving much this summer either. I hope you are able to keep it up – thanks for the inspiration!

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