Train Your Brain to Succeed on Thoughts About Food

I don’t know why I struggle so bad with the intake of food, no matter what exercise routine I have done and stuck with to reach a satisfied weight goal or inches lost goal, I never change my food habits. Not changing my food habit is great if I do a vigorous workout on a daily basis, at least five times a week, however, I do not always stick with a vigorous workout routine forever. Workouts end when I reach my goal and then I stick with my moderate exercising routine such as daily walks.

It is all good if I want to eat anything but still lose weight if I am going to continue with a vigorous workout habit, but in all honesty I usually tone down my workout routine because I don’t want to be crazy man toned nor do I want to be crazy  thin.  I have curves that I tend to like having and I don’t have a build that would look good tall and skinny, I am more meat on my bones sort of chick, even if that means muscle versus fat.

I have started a programme called Weight Loss Guru and as I listened to the first video of him speaking to me, it really hit me. I spent many years of my life training my brain to really focus on the positive in my life. I am insanely happy in many areas and love my own self, this took practice, training of the brain and much more to accomplish. The positive mindset also takes practice and a reminder that I can fall back into a negative outlook at any moment if I allow bad times to get to me for long periods of time.

Why did I not think that it would make sense to train your brain to focus differently on food intake? Not only is it great to stay driven and focused on a workout routine but in order to full succeed in changing your life on a weight loss level, you will need to change how your mind focuses on food. I know that since working out on a regular basis my body seems to be my enemy, at least that is how I felt, each day I was craving fattening food so I gave in one day. I drove to McDonald’s and ate two cheeseburgers and a small fry. How did I feel after? Oh my goodness, I had hot flashes, I felt sick to my stomach and I also felt sad with myself; that I had given into my bad craving and the pay back for doing this was how awful I felt. The positive from this was that now I have a situation that was bad to remind to grab my favorite granny smith apple instead of over eating on high calorie foods when my cravings hit.

My current focus is on weight loss and muscle tone; the exercise part of that goal is doing amazing but the food intake is where I struggle. I am really hoping the support from others doing Weight Loss Guru and my online friends will help me to stay driven in reaching my goal to train my brain how to eat better. I am not looking to eat way healthier, but I am looking to slow down on chewing, focus on fighting those cravings and train my mind to handle food in a better way. I know I will succeed, are you with me?


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  1. Good luck! It is difficult. Although, I eat healthy most of the time, I think it is all about what makes you happy. I could never give up chocolate, never. So I always indulge in somthing nightly. The cravings are the hardest!

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