And the Schedule Changes Again

When Summer vacation started I had to go back to working nights, meaning that my thinking cap had to work after a long, busy day with kids rather than at the start of a day leaving me some alone time after kids went to bed. Now it seems with Summer I do not get that alone time as often as I did during the school year but that does not mean I am not having fun.

This week Summer school begins for my middle child, so that means a new schedule to get used to. The good news is that Summer school is not five days a week nor is it all day long like regular school so my son will be able to have Summer fun. Also Summer school ends a few weeks before school starts up again so that leaves time for some end of Summer days fun.

My Dad recently took over a farm stand in Vermont and even though it’s a great place with wonderful potential, it isn’t a one man job. This means the family really needs to step up and help. Being that I am business orientated and of course enjoy helping out the family any time I can, I will be able to volunteer my time a few days a week while my son is in Summer school. I am looking forward to staying active at the farm stand and watching this business grow. A family business is something that I believe my Dad has always wanted, that and living in Maine, so this is sort of like a dream come true. I know I love the idea of a family run business and this is one even the kids can help out at.

The picture in this post is what the farm stand looked like before my Dad started cleaning it up and making it prettier, but you get the general idea of a beautiful place I hope.

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