When I am an Adult, In a Couple Days

I call the youngest of the family “Baby K”, why? Well because no matter how much he argues with me, he is the baby of the family and will forever be. At least I don’t plan on having any more munchkins running around, although I am capable of giving birth again it’s not really something that interests me at all.

The Baby K insists that he will be an adult in a couple of days, this is something he says on a daily basis which means I can honestly say the three year old boy has not grasp the concept of time but he’s working on it.  When my Baby K is an adult he is going to be buy me a cool car and himself a fire truck.  With the fire truck he will purchase, in a couple of days, when he is an adult he will run over his brother’s race car and anyone or anything else that gets in his way.

When Baby K is an adult, in a couple of days he will buy a boat that can seat all of us comfortably and as cool as that sounded to me, he really only wishes to drive it on the pond we have in the yard, not the ocean or lake.

When Baby K is an adult he will buy all of the food he wants and all of the food he wants, this translates to pizza. The kid only likes pizza, sometimes hotdogs oh and if he could he would live on ketchup as a vegetable addition to any meal.

When Baby K is an adult, I just hope that he knows I will not allow him to take care of me. I would much rather have my oldest, and only daughter, take care of me for I fear he would have me wrapped up in duct tape because after all duct tape fixes everything, sickness, broken bones, etc etc. So when this child is an adult the world should watch out for I know what he’s capable of at age three and God only knows what more creative ideas he will have when he’s grown up … in a couple of days!

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