Using Pictures to Capture The Diminishing Fear of Swimming

Summer is a wonderful time, school is out and the kids are ready to hit the pool and beaches as a way to stay cool in the hot days.  At one point or another I realized that I had not really encouraged a love and trust of water with my middle child, I am not one hundred percent sure why he was not introduced to swimming at an early age like his siblings but he was not introduced to swimming until he was a bit older.

I am thankful to have all of my family photographs organized by month and year so that I can look back on pictures to see just how far my middle child has come with swimming. I believe that video’s are a great way to capture your child’s progress over the years in the pool, but I have an addiction to photographs. I organize all of my digital photos by year then within that folder by month so it was easy for me to go back to 2010 and pull out a picture of my son testing the water in the pool for his first year of swimming.

Just one year later, in 2011, I captured pictures of my middle child going out to the middle of the shallow end without much fear. My middle child still had a small fear of swimming but it was not keeping him from going out to test the water a bit then scramble himself back to the stairs. I am excited to capture more photographs this year of my middle child testing the waters in the pool, just the other day he told me that he is ready to go off of the diving board. While I am not ready for him to go off of the diving board, I am excited to look back on pictures of a nervous, fearful little boy who now is ready to dive off the deep end.

Looking back on family photographs of each Summer is a great way to not only see how much your children have grown, but to capture those fears that each child may have had the prior year but has slowly disappeared.  I know that the services from YesVideo could help me preserve our Summer memories in a long term way so that I can hand these pictures down to my son when he is a responsible adult.

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