Home Inspections are a Vital Part of Home Buying

If you are in the market for buying a new home this is very important to read. When looking at home sin 2005 I was not aware of the fact that you should get a home inspection done, however, my lender actually required it therefore I didn’t have to worry about what I needed to know or not. Having a home inspector come into a home prior to your commitment to purchase this new home can help you in many ways.

For starters, a home inspector will be more aware of damage you are unable to see with your beginning home buyers eye, heck even if you are a second home buyer, having a professional home inspector come into the house to check it out can be a huge benefit! For instance, a home inspector can do a roof inspection, the roof is an extremely important part of your new home because it’s what will keep the weather out. No one wants to purchase a home just to find out that on the first rain storm there are leaks everywhere or worse yet, the roof collapses in on the family. If this is what you find out after your home inspection be sure to call Ideal Construction LLC as soon as possible to have your problem remedied

One of the things that the home inspector found in 2005 at one of the homes I was looking into purchasing was termite damage downstairs. I have to admit I am not a basement sort of person, I will gladly go down and come back up but if that basement is not a finished, full part of the home then you will not find me standing down there for long.  Whether you are concerned about possible damage that is within the home already or feel the home is 100% safe, having a home inspector come in and view the home prior to purchase simply keeps surprises of future damage at a minimum!

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