Coupons for My Favorite Places

Pizza Hut

One place my family frequents is Pizza Hut for dinner. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a mom who loved Pizza Hut and ordered that pan supreme pizza I love so much or maybe it’s just me feeding my pizza addiction but I love the pan pizzas at Pizza Hut so much that I crave them often.  One thing I do know is that every time I go to place my order online I search for Pizza Hut coupons for it’s important to save money whenever we make a family decision to order out.  I usually have good luck saving us a bit of money when using online Pizza Hut coupons and every penny saved counts!

American Eagle

Recently I found a new love, not of the food variety, with American Eagle. My daughter needed new shoes and come to find out she’s in a size 7 woman’s so her options are endless going beyond that of the children’s section. Of course the tween wants to have high chunky shoes which I refuse to purchase for her but this particular time we went shopping she choose a pair of American Eagle sandals that are absolutely gorgeous. A glittery purple, they look as if she has nothing holding the purple decor on the top of the sandals but in reality her foot is held in good with these stylish American Eagle sandals.


I am a sucker for shopping online, like I stated before I order my Pizza Hut online because it’s easier than picking up the telephone in this noisy house! Amazon is a website I frequent, not only because when doing product reviews it makes sense to use my Amazon affiliate links, but because all too often I am able to find amazing deals at Amazon that I can’t find anywhere else. One fact I recently found out about Amazon is that there are actually coupons for Amazon out there online for you to use to save even more money on already low prices!

So there you have it, three top places/brands I shop that have online coupons to help me dabble in my loves while saving funds!

What stores do you frequent online and do you search for online coupons prior to purchase like me?

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  1. I can’t recall if I’ve ever eaten at Pizza Hut but the way you describe them makes me want to grab a pan pizza right now. I was also shocked to find that my daughter was a size 6 already! Did yours have a ball trying on heel and big, funky shoes while there? I am a HUGE Amazon shopper too. So glad you have coupons for these 🙂

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