Accepting and Sharing Tips for Losing Weight

While looking at myself, my children and my extended family one common body image I have learned to see as a similar trait is that our bellies tend to be larger than the remainder of our body. You see, I have a stomach that bloats with even the thought of a cheeseburger or with stress and it seems that happens with my children as well. Being that I am overweight and so is one of my children, the idea of weight loss tips becomes an important aspect of our lives. We both want to be healthy but not put the doctor term of “overweight” on our shoulders 24/7.  Meaning, our weight does not define who we are, but it does define what our health may be in the future!

One area that I have been researching a bit is the fact that we should have a diet that involves getting or keeping our cholesterol at a healthy level. Apparently high cholesterol runs in our gene pool, so here are some tips on diets that would help lower cholesterol –

  • Increase fruits and veggies – while my middle child would choose an apple over chips any day, my other two kids have become accustomed to preferring fatty foods. I am working to encourage a love of fruits and veggies by increasing my own fruit & veggie intake; kids learn through example.
  • Lower Unhealthy Fatty Food Intake – trans fats and saturated fats are okay for your body in low doses, but many processed foods are full of these fats thus raising your cholesterol. We are working as a family to create more healthy menu options instead of the quicker to cook processed foods.
  • Garlic, Oats and Nuts – these are three foods that our family loves and so it’s great to learn & share this tip that these three can assist in keeping your cholesterol at a healthy level!

Of course I can’t say there are any real life options to lose weight fast in the snap of a finger; if you are looking to get your weight down to a healthy level and are looking to lose weight and keep it off, then you must try a change in diet and exercise not just one or the other. As a person who often struggles with the onset of weight gain quickly, specifically in the belly area, I can say that if you do a combination of diet and exercise changes that the weight does come off rather quickly and if you keep up the routine, then it will stay off!

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  1. I don’t disagree with anything you said. I think it’s important to think more about fitness and healthy lifestyle, and weight loss will follow. People talk about lifestyle change, and I think it’s true that is the only way to lose weight and really keep it off. Changing habits, and as parents, raising our kids with good habits so they can move forward instead of starting out behind. I wasn’t really taught healthy eating habits as a child, and I learned lots of bad habits from various family members, so it’s really important to me that I do a better job with my son.

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