Teach Gardening to Kids with Miracle-Gro® Kids

One of the things I really want to instill within my children, and learn more about myself, is gardening. Having never had a garden growing up and never having one of my own in my adult years, I want to start learning how to live off of my own food and the land. Gardening is a great way to start. Thankfully Miracle-Gro Kids is a great tool for me to use for the munchkins, these are fun but serious sets, meaning they truly teach kids how to take care of plants and vegetables from seed to plant, but in a fun way!

Miss Ki was so excited when she arrived home to see her Disney Three in One Flower Garden to get started with.  Mister K wanted to help his sister but she firmly pushed him out of the way, he is too much of a trouble maker these days with projects that require not breaking anything. I let this set be all Miss Ki’s.


The Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Greenhouse allows kids to grow their own  whimsical flower garden with the help of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. Packed with quick sprouting flower seeds, pixie perfect Disney Fairies embellishments and the Miracle-Gro® Gro-Pod™ system, kids will delight in the fantasy of creating their own Pixie Hollow. Adult supervision recommended. Retail Price $12.99, sold by Peachtree Playthings.

Next item on the agenda is the Miracle-Gro Kids Modpot Planters, seen in photo above we have a tomato plant. The fantastic thing about these modpot planters and the greenhouse Miss Ki created is that the soil changes color when watering is needed. This makes it all the more easy for the munchkins to water their plants. We have, as a family unit, started taking care of our flower plants and the tomato plant.

This has been a fun experience and I would highly recommend these products as something to easily teach children about gardening but with a bit fun involved! Check out more of the Miracle-Gro Kids Line at Peachtree Playthings or on Amazon.com today!

Attention readers – I will keep you posted as these plants grow more!

“I received products for free. All opinions are that of my own.”

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  1. Gardening is good for sprouting the mind and food for the soul ! Start um young and they will gow.
    Farmer Mcplow


  2. I have been wanting to do something like this with my son. When I was little, I helped my great-grandma plant everything from apple trees to tulip bulbs, and would love for my son to have the same experience. We are hindered by renting, so no being able to see the trees grow like I was able to do.

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