Rainy Day Fun with Trash Pack Series 2 Line of Trashies

Our family is in love with the Trashies, I shared my stories of the kids playing with them at the soccer field last Fall and then again during my daughter’s birthday party where all who attended were able to bring home their own Trash Pack prize. Now I am excited to share with you a series 2 line from The Trash Pack where you can have fun trying to collect the rare and ultra rare new Trashies!

With Spring here you know rainy days are sure to follow. We haven’t had too much rain in NH for a while but this past week we have been having our fair share of rainy days and with those rainy days comes time to get creative in keeping my kids happy and interacting nicely! The Trashies have assisted in keeping my kids entertained, they have fun checking out their collection from Series 1 and Series 2 while comparing it to the list that comes with each Trash Pack to share whether you have a common, rare or ultra rare Trashie.

I must admit the new series 2 line of Trashies are way cuter than series 1, maybe it’s just me but don’t they look adorable?

Some creative ways to use Trashies on a rainy day:

  • Compare what Trashies you have with the list of common, rare and ultra rare Trashies that comes in The Trash Pack container.
  • Set up all of your Trashies and see if you can guess what the real name of each Trashie is.
  • Play pretend play while pretending to speak for each Trashie or do what my kids do and sit your series 1 Trashies on top of your series 2, if you have the chair ones like my kids do.
  • See how many Trashies you can fit into The Trash Pack garbage can. First take a guess as to how many you think will fit in, then fill it up and see who was correct or had the closest guess!

Whatever your family decides to do with the new series 2 line of Trashies, I am sure you can find hours of fun with these little guys! Just remember these are not recommended for the preschoolers age group, so although my three year old does enjoy the Trashies, I do not allow him to have access to them alone for they are squishy and too tempting for him to put into his mouth!

Visit the Trash Pack online for more information about this wonderful product line of toys for your kids. Also like The Trash Pack on Facebook.

Be sure to check out Amazon.com for a huge selection of Trash pack items.

“I received series 2 Trashies for my three children for free. All opinions are truly my own.”

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