The Night Owl Inside Makes for Creative Mind

I am a night owl, always have been and probably always will be. It’s just something about the quiet night time hours that really assists in allowing your mind to wander and then settle upon those questions you have through out the day about where life is heading. Once my children are fast asleep I find it difficult to settle down to bed right away, usually I am awake past midnight writing blog posts or, as of recently, reading a good book.

Now that both of my sons actually sleep through the night on a more consistent basis I am able to indulge in some “me time” once they are asleep in their bunk bed.  Late night is the time when my mind wanders and I start writing parts of my various manuscripts for my some day to be published novels and my creative side really comes out during such silent times.  I just wish my creative night owl mind could wrap around one manuscript so that I didn’t have to weed through various novel topics and could truly finish one someday soon.

No matter what happens during the day, no matter how exhausted I am, once my kids are asleep this Mama gets a burst of energy that refuses to allow my mind to settle down to bed at a decent hour.

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  1. I’m a night owl too! The majority of my family is, to varying degrees, on my Mom’s side at least. I can go on Facebook at 2am and find at least half a dozen people I’m related to.

    For me, right after my son gets to bed and I know he’s asleep, it’s like a mental deep breath and then my mind shifts gears and moves into a different phase.

    I’m probably not as creative as you though, except maybe in the kitchen, where I tend to bake late at night in the summer to keep the house from getting too hot and in the winter to keep the house from getting too cold.

  2. This used to be a HUGE problem for me. I would stay up so late just lying in bed with all of my thoughts to keep me company. Usually hubby was snoozing away after 5 mintues with his head on the pillow. So, it was just me.

    I think now I am just so exhausted by that time, that I actually do fall asleep pretty quickly. Sometimes before hubby. And the new allergy meds I’m on are helping too. 🙂

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