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Up until this weekend I did not realize that my camera, given to me by my Dad, had a movie option. Friday while at the Fort at No 4 I was standing around, waiting for the classroom kids to get out for lunch while Mister K ran wild on the grounds when I looked down to see a video recording option on this camera! Anyways, the point is this, I only knew I had a camera so I have been doing “action” shots with camera instead of a video recorder for two reasons; I didn’t think I had a video camera option since my Flip died & I tend to like telling my own stories behind pictures!

See how fun it is to try to tell a story behind this collage I made with a few photos of Mister K dancing? You tell me your story of what this picture set is all about; is he doing a chicken dance, just being a nut or do you have a more creative version of this pictures? The kids and I have so much fun doing this “game” of what is going on in these pictures. Fun family times!

I love this picture set, it’s pretty straight forward; Mister K wanted to show me how he is a big boy now and gets on the swing all by himself. Now if he would no longer need me to push him I would probably cry. Although he is getting better at keeping his swing going. My how quickly he has grown, can’t believe he will be four in August.

What sort of pictures do you take? Are there any “action” sort of ones like these collages I made and do you have fun creating a story behind family photos just for fun?

Speaking of memories, I am a YesVideo Blog Ambassador and I wanted to share that you can use a special discount code to save 15% off services to preserve YOUR family memories forever. The code is YVBLOG15 Remember May is National Photo Month!

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