I Enjoy Capturing Memories with Photographs #yesmemory

When my now nine year old daughter was born I didn’t have a video camera, it was simply disposable cameras and the occasional cell phone picture taken by family or professional photos taken once per year. As my family grew larger, the need for a video camera arose and one Christmas Santa brought me a very nice video camera, the only problem was I couldn’t save the videos to my server computer at home for I didn’t have the correct connections. Having back ups on my home server is important to me, and so I moved from video camera to photographs.

Capturing my children playing tag is easy to get on camera and helps you revisit the story in a creative way. I much enjoy showing my children the photographs of them that were taken during our weekend family times because then they can tell me their own version of “what was going on in this picture”, it proves to be a fun family moment. Not only do I work on preserving family memories in photographs but I also create fun family story telling moments.

I love following my family on a long walk through a trail and just snapping random photos. When I get home and see the wonderful images, I can actually relive that moment by watching the pictures through a slideshow.  My boys really enjoy rocks and one skill their Dad has that they have yet to master is skipping rocks. Most times we end up on a trail near a river or pond and this allows father and sons to practice their rock skipping skills. Preserving these father son memories will be important to the boys as they grow older for they will be able to look back and see just how involved we all were as a family unit.

Why do I prefer photos over video? Because a picture is worth a thousand words. One can create their own memory revisiting photographs, but in video format the story is already laid out with audio and video.

How do you prefer to capture memories with your family?

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