My Boys Decided to be Social with Our Neighbor

The other day I was outside getting ready to go pick up my daughter from school, the five year old had to be home for he had a dentist appoint that took up most of the day. I had purchased some FlavorIce pops the day before and the boys were enjoying some popiscles outdoors hanging out waiting for me to get them buckled into the car when the neighbor popped outside to do his yard work or whatever.

Now my neighbor lives directly in front of my house, connected to the lawn that is ours. Growing up in this house I hung out with his daughter and was a grade behind his son in school. I think of them as good people and honestly will miss interacting with the people I grew up to know when we have to move from this place I call home, but for now we are enjoying renting it from my mother.

On to my story… I am extremely social, maybe it’s because I spend most of my time with children that when an adult is near I am excited and don’t want them to leave or I ramble on with them forever about anything that comes to mind. I truly enjoy being friendly to others and I enjoy neighbors getting along because I feel with all of this technology and social media we have lost touch of what neighbors are all about. The importance of knowing your neighbors on a friendly level is something I thrive for. I grew up here & these neighbors have known me since I was five years old,  it’s extremely important for my children to be friendly with them and continue on in the spirit of being friendly neighbors.

My sons decided that they wanted to be extra social the other day and scream, as loud as they possibly could, to our neighbor to say hello. The neighbor laughed and said hello back. Then the boys decided they needed to continue screaming to the neighbor, who could have heard them at a normal level voice, about their day and the fact that they were eating pospicles! I cracked up so much because they were just so outgoing and friendly with our neighbor. It made me proud but it also made me sad for I don’t want to leave this property, I want my children to grow up here the same way I did.

I want so badly to stay here forever, to let the kids enjoy the land and neighbors the way I did growing up, but for now I will settle for renting and letting my kids enjoy the land and home until renting is no longer an option for us. I love that my kids are outgoing like this and have figured out that being social to our neighbors is important and a great way to connect with those who live near us.

Do you speak with your neighbors? Are your kids outgoing like this with your neighbors?

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  1. I think that is great, and would be saddened as well. But on a plus, you can show your children how to be friendly with new neighbors when you move! My kids are always talking to both of our neighbors although the ones on the right of us aren’t the nicest family.

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