My oldest child and my youngest child are much like me, they love their picture taken and they even love doing videos, however, my middle child does not much care of his picture being taken so it’s moments like this that I just love.

Although I rarely get a face forward shot of this little dude, I enjoy seeing his facial expressions from the angles I can capture in pictures.

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So while I won’t have many front pictures of my sweet Aj, I will have many side view pics where I can clearly see that his mind is working in ways that make me wish I were inside of his brain.

Aj is the silent but intelligent type, he may come off slow to others at first or as if he may need learning help, however, he is an extremely intelligent boy and the way his mind works amazes his Dad and me daily! I enjoy the moments I can capture the front of his face, even if he’s not looking directly at the camera.

Do you have a camera shy child? How do you sneak photos of that child?

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  1. 2dayswoman (2 comments) Reply

    Great photo’s though, he looks so sweet. You can tell he’s very intelligent. My youngest daughter refuses to smile on a photo which results in a lot of family photo’s with a grumpy looking girl! Maybe one day it will change…
    First time visiting by the way, great blog!
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  2. Terri K (@tkharmonic) (91 comments) Reply

    My son LOVES the camera, so much so that I’ve thought he’d make a good catalog model. I’m the one who HATES to have my picture taken. My mother is constantly scolding me because we don’t have family portraits done, but I don’t think I should have to look at a picture of myself that makes me feel bad about myself just to make other people happy. I do not photograph well, some people just don’t and I’m one of them. When someone tries to take a picture of me without my consent, I feel like it’s stealing from me and sometimes I avoid family occasions just so I don’t have to deal with it.

    I hope your son isn’t as far gone as I am with it, or at least that he grows out of it.

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