It’s Easy for You, YOU Are Always Happy!

Words from my nine year old daughter in response to a discussion we were having about some things going on that were concerning to her. “It’s easy for you, YOU are always happy!” my daughter said to me when I was trying to teach her how to focus on the positive, realize that some people are just not nice people and it’s difficult to let that go, but she needs to find a way to work around those mean people, even if they are people she can’t avoid.

I had to let out a huge laugh when my daughter said that sentence to me, for I am the last person to be “always happy”, however, I guess I do give out this positive energy that makes people, apparently including my children, think that I have everything together and am essentially always happy. I honestly am primarily happy, I don’t feel as if I have any regrets in life nor would I take back anything I have done for it wouldn’t have led me to the place I am today. There are times I get depressed, there are times I have to take a mommy time out for my patience are worn and there are times I just want to cry, but I guess I am usually happy.

What I explained to my daughter is this: I am not always happy, maybe I appear to be always happy for I do try my best to focus on the positive in life, to shrug off any negative comments and people that may walk into my world and just remember what I have to be happy and thankful for. It’s not an easy way of living nor is it an easy way of thinking, but after years of “training my mind” to be this way, it comes easier each day. I also told my daughter that she will get there eventually, with time and a bit of practice she, too, will be able to smile often for her mind will be in a happy place and those negative comments that come from mean people, will no longer affect her moods nor personality.

I just hope that day comes soon for I don’t like watching any of my children struggle with things that are negative in nature, but that’s all part of learning how to cope with your environment, if I don’t teach the kids how to deal with hurtful situations or mean people now, then what will they do as an adult when those mean, immature adults are working with them at the work place or interacting with them in a social setting? The best way to protect our children is to teach them how to cope and deal with the negative that happens far too often in this world.

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  1. Fantastic advice. I think so many have issues because they were never taught or learned to cope with them in a positive way You’re doing a fine job by supporting your children the best you can and setting a fine example. The fact that your daughter said that really speaks volumes about how you live your life and the good effects it has on your children, who see you some of your worst moments and study your every move 24 hours a day.

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