The Cool {and Quick} Way to Make Pancakes for Multiple Kids

I must admit I take full advantage of looking like a “cool mom” most mornings when I wake up to cook the kids pancakes on a weekend or before school starts. The reason I look like the “cool mom” is because I take what some may say to be the lazier approach to making pancakes for three kids, or if on a weekend when my daughter has a friend over, four kids. I first make sure to purchase some of the Bisquick pancake mix, this time I chose the Bisquick Complete type of pancake mix, where you add just water.

Next I add the water, mix up the batter while heating up the skillet. I used to make normal sized pancakes for my three kids but then I never actually got to enjoy breakfast with them, it seemed I just became the short order cook always over heating at the stove. I am not that mom, I have zero desires in slaving over a hot stove. This is why I decided when we rock pancakes in our house, they are going to be over sized pancakes, no more 2-3 normal sized pancakes per kid, instead …

I pour that batter right into the skillet until it touches every side and each child gets a pancake about this size. I do try to make a slightly smaller version for my three year old, but then he started to realize his brother and sissy had bigger pancakes so now I give him the same sized pancake but understand he isn’t going to eat the whole thing.

The kids talk about my over size pancakes all of the time, for me it’s a time saver but for the kids? It makes me the “cool” mom. I really don’t care what the kids or anyone else wants to think of me as long as they eat their breakfast, the most important meal of the day, or so they say!

What shortcuts have you taken to make cooking take up less time so that you had more time to chat at the dinner/breakfast table?

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  1. A few years ago, my sister in law bought our family a HUGE griddle. I can make 4-5 pancakes on that puppy in one shot! I make extra and we can just nooke them during the week..

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