Clustered Mailboxes at Apartment Complexes

Have you ever lived at an apartment complex where your mail was in these commercial cluster mailboxes? You know the ones, they are like something out of the post office boxes area in your local post office.

I have only lived in one place where I had to pick up my mail from a clustered mailbox type of setup and remember I hated having to wait for others to get out of the way so I could pick up my own mail and get into my own apartment, however, these types of mailboxes do make perfect sense for big housing units or commercial suites.

When I worked outside of the home they had CBU mailboxes where all of the suites mail was delivered into based on suit number. I used to enjoy going down to get the mail for my bosses while walking the dog that she brought into the office on occasion.

I did enjoy bumping into the other workers from other suites while checking the office mail because there was a couple of good looking men that I just enjoyed staring at, eye candy I guess you would call them. Either way, the set up of a CBU mailbox makes perfect sense when dealing with a huge office area or large apartment complex but you must make sure they are USPS approved before getting one installed for the USPS to actually deliver mail there!

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