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When I signed up for a free trial, Matchmaker was open to the public.  Now it specializes in singles 35+. This is what their website says; Matchmaker.com is an online matchmaking service for a more mature audience, Matchmaker is an online dating site consisting of 35+ serious singles focused on finding long-term serious relationships and those who are marriage minded.

When I was searching for a mate, I looked within a radius of 1 mile in the Matchmaker.com search. Michael’s profile was the first to pop up, living only a mile away from me. I’m not sure that we would have ever met in person, since there was an almost 7 year age difference. I did find out that we had swing dancing in common, after reading it in his profile. That’s where we went in NYC on our first date!

Tell me is Michael romantic? What was the most romantic thing Michael has done?

Our two week honeymoon in Hawaii is pretty hard to beat! Before I met Michael, I had never really been treated to the joy of fine dining. Michael often takes me to nice restaurants (not fancy, but affordable), and I’ve become a true foodie, he even lets me take pictures of our every meal. I’ve even taken up food photography as a hobby! Getting to experience new things like this and becoming a better person for it is what true romance is to me.

Anything extra to add to your story?

Our parents worked together, but in different departments. When she learned of his name, she asked if he worked at the hospital where she worked, because she had seen the name before. My mom then learned that he and his father had the same name. I had also worked at the same restaurant that his sister did, but we were on different shifts. It was meant to be that we would eventually meet  but it just wasn’t meant to be that we would meet first in person!

Vickie and Michael met in August 1999 and recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary in October 2011. Story shared by Vickie Smith-Siculiano.

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  1. Vickie Siculiano (1 comments)

    Beautifully written Brandy – thank you for sharing my story, I hope that it serves to be an inspiration for others,

    Vickie Siculiano