Who Knew a Haircut Boosts Self Esteem & Mood?

My daughter has always wanted hair like Rapunzel, never getting a real “cut” except one time when she asked for layers. The time she got layers put in her hair, it was a small amount and even then not much was taken off of her length. This was of course by request of my daughter, her hair has always been something I personally feel is her choice to cut, trim or do whatever with – within reason.

Last weekend the Princess got her haircut, based on her requests of long bangs, mid shoulder blade length and front layers to look somewhat like a Selena Gomez haircut. The reason for the Princess wanting her hair cut? In her own words,

I just have always looked like this with the long hair and it’s boring. I want a change, something different so I don’t look like the same, it’s time to look different and I really like the idea of long bangs with layers and hair shorter, not too short, but shorter.

For this reason alone I felt she had a valid argument and I surprised her by taking her to get her haircut. Although she has been asking for months to get this type of hairstyle, it wasn’t until last weekend when I finally was able to get over to get it done. The girl is in love with her hair and was so smiley and happy for she was able to make her own decision and she looks like a whole new girl!

I have to say females really are a different creature of their own; we get a haircut and it’s as if we are a whole new person!


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  1. How adorable is she?! It is funny you posted this because my son has had longer hair FOREVER and just this last weekend hubby cut it and my son has sooooooo much self esteem now, omg. Why on earth did I not do this long ago? It really does do something for your self esteem, love it!

  2. Love it ;o) I am glad she is enjoying it too! Last summer Jolene choose to have her hair cut short and she loved it for the longest time, but now she is very happy it is starting to grow out and we can do more with it.

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