The Day We Attempted to Build a Snow Fort

I am well aware that it is still only February and that March is suppose to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but man this NH “Winter” hasn’t really been a normal one. Couple snow storms, one being in October near my birthday and that’s it. Other than that it’s been Spring like warmth then freezing cold the next day. Up and down weather patterns is probably what is causing many to catch the sniffles. Geesh Mother Nature, what’s up?

Not that I am begging for snow, in all honesty, I DO NOT LIKE SNOW, however, I am in NH and do plan to see a nice pretty white Winter from my comfy dining room window. The view is gorgeous, it’s just the cold that comes with it and the messy driving that sucks for me.

We had one school snow day and although I dislike being outside in the cold, freezing snow, I decided I should suck it up and be a good Mama. The kids and I headed outside in the snow to enjoy one of the couple of snow storms we received this year thus far and we actually had a grand ole time trying to build a snow fort, before it started to rain.

Although we didn’t get to completely finish the snow fort, my daughter and I had a great time packing snow into a huge bucket and using team work to tip it upside down trying to stack each row as tight together as possible. Soon my daughter’s hands got cold, as her gloves were not warm enough and my three year old decided he wanted to trudge off in the snow instead of helping us or playing with his dump truck dumping snow into the bucket for me.

Between the cold hands of my daughter, the traveling nature of my three year old and the snow that turned to rain we had to head inside for some hot cocoa and laughter as we stared out the dining room window at our accomplishment of the start of a snow fort!

Although our fort has now melted almost down to nothing, we still have the little stubs of snow in a pattern of our fort that remind us each day of our fun we had together, as a team, playing in the snow, working on a snow fort!

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  1. Playing in the snow is fun! If I didn’t have kids, I’d be glad we haven’t (so far, knock on wood) had a really harsh winter…but the kids like it so much, I kind of wish we would have gotten more snow. Your pictures are great!

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