Save 25% or $9.94 off Hosting For Being a Reader

I have been using HostGator for my website hosting account ever since I switched to a self hosted WordPress blog. I became an affiliate with HostGator after I realized 1) I could do such a thing and 2) I really loved this hosting service.

You see, I can become an affiliate with almost any company or represent almost any product, so can most other bloggers and people, however, I only wish to promote products and services that I can fully stand behind. My hosting company is one of those companies I can stand behind and feel good about promoting. I have promoted HostGator without using my affiliate code and with using my affiliate code.

Today I decided that I should offer all of my readers discounts off their hosting account if they purchase with HostGator using this code made specifically for those who read this blog post. Using code HBfriend2012 you will receive 25% off a hosting account. If you wish to save $9.94 you can use code Rainforest which I personally created for a local friend who runs Rainforest Encounters & was looking into a hosting account (you can connect with them on Facebook if you wish).**

With tax refund season nearing and most people looking to find a great hosting company I thought I should simply offer you all my advice on who I use, create a coupon code promo for you all and see if you all have any questions after looking at HostGator for your hosting account.

**coupon code does not have an expiration date, but may be removed towards mid year 2012. I am not held responsible for late readers getting this HostGator promo code and it not working, however, if you do read this and the code doesn’t work leave a comment below or contact me to notify me.

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