I Met My Love Online Series Coming in February

I am so excited that with the help from sources who use HARO and my friends at MomDot.com Forum that I will be sharing some true love stories of people who met online. Some have met in chat rooms, some on social media sites while others utilized various online dating sites.

These stories of love will certainly be fun to share during the month of February, Valentine’s Day month.  This is a month to remember why we fell in love with the person we are with, that there is hope to find someone to love and that new technology exists and works for many seeking love but do not have the time to mingle at the bar or go out into the world to find that special someone.

The Internet has allowed many to find love in ways that allow two people to connect intimately without having ever met face to face. That, my friends, is a true love story at it’s finest and I hope you will read along with the personal stories of those who found their love online and are sharing their story with all of us in hopes to spread some happiness & hope in love.

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      I did already get the month of February full. Thanks for the comment though. Maybe next time.

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