What Would You Grab If…

You had to leave your vehicle on the side of the road, not knowing if you would ever see it again?

For me, it was all of my kids random toys, my $500 stroller {that I never use}, my umbrella stroller {again, that I never use}, the kids 3 booster seats and last but not least – my fishing license out of the glove-box.

I thought grabbing my fishing license was a brilliant idea, after all if I never see this van again I may just want to go fishing to get over the fact that the transmission died going 68mph down an interstate while my two sons were in the back, which left me vehicle-less.

Nah, that was just a silly idea of fishing because the one thing in the glove-box that I grabbed, the fishing license, yeah, that thing is expired!

Hey, as my Dad said, at least my head was in the right place. He would have done the same.

So… what would you grab if you thought you were never see that vehicle that broke down on side of road again?

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  1. Honestly there is so many things I would have to grab, I would need to make sure I had a cart in my trunk at all times, lol! I would grab any personal info papers I might have laying around, music cds, toys, booster seats, my angel that is hanging on my rear view mirror.

    1. I hear that! I grabbed my kids first, but since we lived in that van there was a TON of their fave toys and my $500 stroller I had to grab, also wanted to make sure nothing with my SS# or anything personal was left in the glovebox or around the van. It was a disaster, I never clean my vehicles near often enough for having three kids eating, drinking and playing in it constantly.

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