Creative Way to Get Fussy Eaters to Try Food

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I admit I have one picky eater, he is my youngest. Yes K refuses to try anything new, eat things he “thinks” he doesn’t like and will go to bed without dinner over having to try anything new. My three year old son is easily satisfied during breakfast or lunch because those are sort of “by the fly” meals, meaning kids have their own choice for the most part, but dinner on the other hand can be a challenge.

I mentioned that my five year old now has  a town library card and well this is a book he picked out as one of his first two books taken out of the town library, I will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato.  When checking this book out of the library I was told that this book was very creative and such a great concept. Once I dove into reading I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato I realized how correct Miss Janice, the children’s librarian & long time family friend, was … this book rocks!

If you are like me, with a picky eater, then I really highly recommend you check your local library or purchase this book for your children’s book shelf. I am totally attempting some of the techniques and creative ways with food at my dinner table with the three year old stubborn boy, Mister K.

What are some creative ways you were able to get your children more interested in eating new foods?

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