The Bachelor

Author: Isiah Williams

My husband would absolutely hate to admit in public that he secretly likes to watch the Bachelor. He is one of the most manly men I know and I love him for it but when it comes to cheesy reality television he just can’t help himself. It is really funny to see how he tries to make sure that the DVR is set on the nights that it is supposed to come on and then later that night when I go to watch it he will be all snuggled up on the couch with me and “let’s me watch whatever I want to watch” as he calls it. We both know that he really likes the show but neither one of us ever says it out loud. I think it would crush his ego just a little bit to actually recognize to me that he loves the show. I think maybe he likes to watch it to see what the crazy women will do or maybe he likes it for getting ideas on how to be super romantic. Check out to see when the Bachelor comes on in your area!

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