My family started a tradition years ago when the boys were way young of cutting down our own Christmas tree. It happened by accident, you see we were broke and not wanting to have to use my old school $14.99 retail Christmas tree I had from the first years of my daughter’s life, we drove past a sign “cut your own tree $10” and we were hooked.

Each year we head to a small town in NH where you cut down your own tree and pay $10 on a ‘trust’ system, meaning they don’t hover over you at all when you are out enjoying family time picking a tree. Money is simply left in a box and it’s a trust thing. I remember that last year  we drove off and moments down the road realized that we were so busy dealing with hyper kids that we hadn’t paid. Yes we turned around and put $10 in the box, it’s what this world needs more of – Trust Systems, and real beautiful Christmas trees 😉

christmas tree

Image by fsse8info via Flickr

So I ask, are you the fam that has a fake tree or are you the real tree kinda family?


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Written by brandyellen

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  1. Julia (36 comments)

    Real tree, all the way. Although I’m pretty deep downtown and it would take forever to get to a cut your own place, so we go to a local tree lot for one of their beautiful Douglas Firs every year. We’re getting ours next weekend and though it always makes my allergies go haywire for a few days, I’m really looking forward to decorating it with my little girl.
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  2. Karen (59 comments)

    WE always had a real tree until my daughter was six. She had asthma, and as soon as we put the tree up that year, she had an attack. the doctor told us to take the Christmas tree down. It was sad to do, but her health came first. After that, for the next 10 years, we had a fake tree. When she moved out at 17, we started having real trees again until about 10 years ago, when we decided it was too much work to do at all. Now we don’t put up a Christmas tree at all.
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  3. dramaqueensmum (52 comments)

    We bought a new fake tree a few years ago. It’s really nice & 11 feet tall. I’ve always had a fake tree, but the 1st year my hubby & I were together (before we were married)we got a real tree & it was the prettiest 1 that we ever had. I want to go out & have us all pick out a tree & cut it down with our daughter in a few years. I think it would be lots of fun.
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  4. Terri K (@tkharmonic) (91 comments)

    Real tree, whenever we can have a tree. There have been several years we just haven’t had room and sadly this is one of those years. Nothing beats a real tree, IMO, and the last time I had one I was lucky and my neighbor had a mulching machine, so after the tree came down, it sat in the backyard until it dried out more, then got mulched and used in our yard.
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  5. Dee @ Cocktails with Mom (17 comments)

    Real tree for sure. We have had a fake tree for several years but I actually prefer a real one whenever we can. I wanted to go that route this year but the boys were anxious and starting putting up the tree without me. (I finished it of course but that was suppose to be their little surprise.) I also love how a real tree makes the house smell.
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    • sara (7 comments)

      i love getting real trees because we always go to tree farms to get our tree every year it is so much fun picking out the tree as a family and it is so hard to find a tree that is just perfect for my family but every year on christmas eve we go to church and if someone dose not want to go my mother gets so so angry but i aways go because that is how much i love my family

  6. sara (7 comments)

    i always have a real tree but my mom wants a fake 1 no 1 else want a fake tree so we always get a real tree thanks for reading this