Picked up My Kmart Layaway in Store

I recently discussed how I placed items on layaway using Kmart.com, well I also made some payments online as well as my final payment and pick up in store. Here I am today to share with you what the experience overall was with payment and being part of the Kmart Layaway program.

Setting Up First Layaway & Making First Payment

I decided to start my Kmart layaway online as it was more convenient for this busy Mama of three. Choosing my items for layaway was easy and Kmart has a tool so you can make sure that the product is at your local store for pick up so that you know items on layaway can be picked up locally. After all items were placed in my cart I proceeded to checkout. All went smoothly, except the only note I would like to make to you all is that if you pay with a gift card that the $5 layaway fee seems to be something that Kmart requires paid with another payment method. I chose PayPal.

Making Payments on Layaway with Online Payments

I love that Kmart remembers your payment option so that your payment is automatically deducted every two weeks as required by your contract, however, I was not wanting the payment to automatically come out of my checking account via PayPal. That was the only issue I had with my payments, I did not go online fast enough to pay with my Kmart Gift Card. My tip to all is that you remember to pay on time if you do not want to use your original form of payment for upcoming layaway payments. Your contract is setup so that payments come out of your payment method automatically when placing your layaway online.

Pickup and in Store Payment

I took a trip to Kmart for pick up of my layaway items with gift card in hand. Heading back to the Kmart Layaway area I was anxious to see the product in person. The layaway man was extremely nice and took my gift card without any issues, paying off my balance of the layaway and out I left the store with box in hand full of toys for the munchkins.

My Overall Experience with Payment Using Kmart Layaway

I loved the ease of automatic payments, next year I will most definitely use Kmart Layaway online again because the experience was fabulous. I also am quite forgetful so having the payment automatically come out of my checking account or PayPal next year will certainly be a great tool for me.  Setting up, making payments and picking up my Kmart Layaway was easy, convenient and comes highly recommended by me for you all who want to do Kmart Layaway in the future.

Disclosure: I am a Kmart Brand Ambassador, I received a gift card and compensation to share my experience with Kmart Layaway with you all. With that being said all opinions aer that of my own.

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