Longing to Entertain for Christmas With Family

I haven’t ever really been a hostess, dealing with social anxiety and major issues with being painfully shy most of my late teen and early adult years entertaining a house full of guests or even attending such an event seemed painful to me. Now that I am am mother of three children and have worked on changing my attitude towards not only myself but towards others and worked to reduce my social anxiety disorder without medication I am ready to start entertaining guests.

If I were to have a chance to host a Christmas get together I would want to have the whole neighborhood invited along with family and the handful of local friends I have here in New Hampshire. My daughter and I would bake cookies, create some Ragu special dishes for meals and come up with fun decor to get the house all festive for the occasion.

One of my dreams is to have more friends and be more close to the community here locally. Each year when Christmas time comes around my small town puts up banners, lights up a Christmas tree on the town common and even has Christmas lights all over the town. Driving through town on a December evening makes for cheerful times, listening to my three munchkins yelling in unison “Christmas lights” and again “Christmas lights” each time we pass another set of beautiful lights in town makes my heart warm.

Some day I will entertain a house full of guests, but I may just have to wait til my children are adults and I have become the home away from home for the munchkins and their families. For now, I just spend Christmas holiday with the munchkins and hold onto the longing to entertain for Christmas with family and guests.

Do you entertain guests for Christmas? What do you love most about hosting family and friends during the holiday season?

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  1. I love hosting mostly because I grew up with my Grandmothers as baby sitters and they were hardcore nurturing natural hostesses. Anytime anyone comes to the house, they will be offered a meal and a place to stay whether they need it or not, that’s just how it was. I try to carry that on as best I can, but my family doesn’t live near me anymore, and we moved from a decent sized house to a small duplex/apartment.

    I also love hosting because I’m a bit of a control freak and like being in charge. I’ll admit it. I’m much more relaxed, and we often do an open house kind of thing where people we know can just come over whenever, usually those people without family around to spend the holiday with.

    Cooking is fun for me, I like to spend time making different kinds of food, it doesn’t really seem like work to me the way clean-up does.

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