Kid Friendly Ways to Decorate

I’m Penelope, and I usually post on my own site, Penelope’s Oasis, where I share beauty tutorials, relationship advice and homemaking ideas. Today I get to have the fun of posting on my friend Brandy’s blog and share some ideas for decorating with your kids for the holidays!

The holidays are a fun time of year and children get caught up in the excitement of the season long before the actual holidays. It’s wonderful as a mom to see how much fun baking and decorating are for children, but what are safe ways to decorate with children, and safe ideas for decorations in a home with children? Obviously candles and sharp ornaments are not the best idea when you have toddlers or lots of active children, so here are five ideas for ways to get your kids involved in the festivities, and to have your home beautifully decorated at the same time.

For children with a sweet tooth (isn’t that all of them?) how about filling various jars and bowls with colorful treats and candies? Using traditional Christmas colors is a great way to make those yummy treats look decorative.

Holiday Crafts for Families

If your children bring home ornaments and pine cones they made at school to hang on the tree, but your tree is already full of last year’s handmade ornaments and pine cones, why not decorate the rest of the home with those treasures? String them up on the mantelpiece, in doorways, over the chandelier, etc and let your little treasures see their little treasure proudly displayed all season long.

Crafts with pine cones

Candycanes are a seasonal treat that reminds everyone of Christmas. In addition to being yummy, they also make great decorations. They can be use to hang on trees, decorate vases, frame a window, etc and can even be attached to gifts as a makeshift bow or used to as a flavored stirring stick for yummy holiday drinks. Your kids can unwrap and snack them as desired, making them even more popular.

fun with candy canes

Your children exchange cards in school with all their friends. Let them show off how popular they are by displaying those pretty cards on shelves or stringing them up across a wall. Holiday cards are so pretty they make decorations themselves, and it’s easy for children to do this. They can even use other holiday crafts to hold them up, like those felt trees and stockings they make- it looks super cool!

Create holiday cards with kids at home

A super easy way for children to decorate that also adds a bit of sophistication to your holiday decorations is this simple craft. Take oak tag or cardboard and wrap some pretty ribbon around it as though it were a gift. Then hang it up- it’s “gift art” and it looks terrific. A great plus is that it’s easy for very young children to make, and reminds them all of those presents that are coming.

Crafting with small children

I hope you enjoy these ideas and you have a great holiday season!

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