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It’s easy to make the holidays fun with your children while creating long lasting memories. The best gift a person can receive is one that is home made and here are some fabulous finds for creative home made gifts this holiday season.

Hot Cocoa in a Decorative Bag

If you are good at sewing you can create small decorative holiday bags, such as those you would see potpourri in. From there get a canister of hot cocoa mix and insert some into a plastic sandwich bag. Place the sandwich bag inside of the holiday sewn or purchased gift “bag” and tie a festive ribbon around the top to enclose the bag.

Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes

You will need chocolate melting chips that are used for melting chocolate at home making lollipops and candy.  Take as many candy canes as you need, sometimes the actual ‘stick’ style candy canes will work best for this but feel free to use the traditional ‘cane’ style candy canes, it’s a matter of preference. Melt down the chocolate and dip your candy canes one by one into the chocolate. To finish sprinkle some candy sprinkles over the melted chocolate before it melts.

Home Made Trail Mix

Who doesn’t like trail mix? Create a normal nuts and raisins trail mix or get creative and add in chocolate candy and similar to have a sweet n salty experience. Wrap up your trail mix into a decorate bag for the holidays and include a tag on the outside to write a special message to a loved one you will give this to as a gift.

What do you do for fun, creative home made gift giving?

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Written by brandyellen

Brandy is a NH Mama who desires to share her stories as a means to inspire others to live life fully, learn from their mistakes and move forward. When Brandy isn't rambling, she is off on adventures to experience life to the fullest in New England. Author, with her daughter, of Positive Girl - The Power of Your Thoughts Question about this post or something found within it? Read my Disclosure Policy as well as Terms of Use.

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