Many Get Depressed During Holiday Season

I never understood fully why some people suffer from higher levels of depression during the holiday season until I had three kids. I am a happy go lucky sort of person but I too struggle with low levels of depression from time to time, however I am also one who uses my resources to rise above the feelings and move forward quickly doing depression research online.

Depression is a serious illness that affects numerous people but there is help and there is hope. From an online atmosphere such as a depression forum to a local meeting with a counselor or groups for those who suffer from this illness you can find the help you need to recover. I am a firm believer that people need to make sure they are in tune with who they are, what they are feeling and move beyond their pride to seek help and gain the support they require to get passed this hard time in their lives.

If you are reading someone’s blog and they seem to be reaching out for depression help don’t be afraid to reach out to them in a friendly, caring way or if you feel that you shouldn’t step in, at least try to find a way to get them to get depression help. I have watched as a couple bloggers were seen on the news and covered all over the Internet for having committed suicide because they were dealing with such high levels of depression. We can’t ignore the signs and we need to think of the blogging community just as we would our own in real life community and reach out when someone sounds slightly under the weather.

Stepping up and being a friend from the get go is all one may need to move forward from the holiday depression, but at times when depression is far more serious for this person they may truly need professional help.

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  1. Great article! I am thankful that there is help for the depressed now. My mom suffered from severe depression when I was a child, and back then no one really talked about it. She suffered needlessly for many years.
    I have found that I suffer from “Winter Depression”, which is caused by a lack of Vitamin D. Where I live, we have very little sunshine in the winter months, and Winter Depression is very common here. My doctor recommended taking Vitamin D and St. Johns Wart and it helps a lot.

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