Totally Not Prepared to Store Foods Ever

I always say I want to be able to have an emergency food storage should anything ever go wrong but the truth is that I barely have food for one week half of the time let alone extra should an emergency situation arise.  Watching various news shows I hear often that you should really have food stored and be smart about being ready for the event of a natural disaster or similar catastrophic event to ensure the family will be able to feed and drink during the times of no outlet to a store. Yet I don’t do this, rather I don’t have the extra cash to do this.

Every year my father works to save what he can from his garden and stores food for the upcoming Winter season in Vermont, but I just haven’t yet figured out how to be a wise food storage person. Maybe my Dad should start teaching me how to can and bag food properly to ensure I can start having some supplies on hand in the freezer and/or pantry should the need arise to use backup food.

If you are like me and thinking that you need to have a food storage ready for any unexpected event then maybe you should look into the idea to Prepare Wise long term food storage because this will help show you how to save wisely this season for the next natural disaster situation that arrives.

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