I love that many people simply love me for being me. Then there are others who hate me for being me, although I haven’t actually had a face to face with anyone who truly hates but for every like there is a dislike I am certain of somewhere in this world. The Ying and Yang.

I admit sometimes I come off a bit arrogant but it’s not in the way I would think one to be arrogant, I never, ever feel better than anyone else but I try to stand tall and remind myself that I am awesome because we all are awesome, each person holds their own individual awesomeness inside and well why not stand tall and be proud about our own self?

I tell you why, too many people have taken time to put others down, to bully, to build themselves up by saying that the reason you are standing tall is because of some negative aspect such as being arrogant or being snobby, just to name a couple adjectives I have been called. In high school I had a little bit of snobby to me, for sure, but most have told me they thought I was a very outgoing, beautiful, nice young girl so apparently my snobby inside didn’t come up to the public as much as I had thought.

We are all built differently, we are all unique and we all have those moments instilled inside inside of us  from our environment we live in to catch a judgemental thought but we have the power to remind ourselves to be better than that – to not judge. You see you never know if someone is just having a bad day or if someone is truly hurting inside and just lashes out or stands tall in defense to hide the pain inside.

Today I want you to take a moment to remind yourself that you are not perfect, you are not imperfect … you are individual YOU. Take a moment to tell someone you love that they are awesome today. Practice telling random strangers that they are awesome too, I bet it warms yoru heart and theirs, and remember to remind yourself:   this act of kindness repays itself in the form of Karma over time!

What goes around comes around, are you putting out what you want returned to you?

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Written by brandyellen

NH Mama loving life. Co-Author (w/ my daughter) of Positive Girl - The Power of Your Thoughts. Fueled by coffee, great convos & optimistic thoughts! Brandy Ellen, Virtual Assistant is a work from home entrepreneur. Question about this post or something found within it? Read my Disclosure Policy as well as Terms of Use.

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  1. blueviolet (259 comments)

    I definitely love you for you! And I totally believe in that karma thing, but I’m still waiting for it to kick my brother in the butt for me.
    blueviolet´s last blog post ..Sour Balls Denied

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  3. Lisa G. (25 comments)

    Thanks for this great post. I’ve always struggles with my flaws and it helps to remember that nobody is perfect!

  4. Keith (1 comments)

    Yeah, the most we can do in life is be confident in who we are, gentle to those around us, and let the chips fall where they may. We can’t be absorbed in what others think of us. We can’t insensitive to the feelings of others, either. It is finding that middle ground that leads to a fulfilled life. Great post!
    Keith´s last blog post ..Love Quotes for Him – The Best