National Young Readers Day November 8th

Today, the second Tuesday of November is called Young Readers Day and although no one can seem to find whether there as an act of Congress to deem this a national holiday, many schools do take this day seriously and celebrate with reading. As a mother of three children I am proud to say that all of my children have been raised with books; books during down time, books before bed and well books just for fun. With that being said, you can often find my youngest son at age 3 sitting to read a book while waiting in the lobby at his pediatricians office or maybe even while waiting in the van for his siblings to get out of school.

Reading in van parked in driveway at home

Many teachers and doctors will tell you that reading for just 20 minutes a day can encourage a lifetime of reading in a child and I have three children that have provided this theory to be correct. You see, my oldest is a girl who is now nine years old and reads well above average for her age. My middle child is a boy and at age 5 he may not be found curled up reading up a book but he still loves having two books read to him at end of day before bed. My youngest son is now three years old and will not only curl up to read his favorite books by looking at the pictures and recalling the story as Mama read it to him, but he will also sit on the couch while his sister reads him a fun storybook.

I am proud to be raising young readers, because it’s so difficult with technology advancing and pretty much doing everything for us these days to encourage old school sit down reading time. Take 20 minutes a day to read to your children, if you didn’t start at birth like me with the kids that  is okay, it is never too late to start encouraging a love of books with your children.

What are you waiting for? GO curl up and enjoy young reader’s day with your young readers!

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