I am a Flip Flop Wearing Kind of Woman

In the past I had always wore sandals but this past Summer I actually started wearing flip flops because I was heading for my first flight ever and traveling to North Carolina. I was told wearing flip flops was the way to go when flying in order to get through airport security faster. I loved that tip because now I am a flip flop wearing kind of woman!

I honestly had never realized just how many styles and comfort levels there were for flip flops.ย  You can even get bridal flip flops if you are getting married in a warm location, such as my dream wedding location, Hawaii. Get married in style with fashionable flip flops that will allow your feet to be styling while still proper for a Hawaiian wedding. Sounds like a fabulous idea to me, I think if I ever get my dream Hawaii wedding then I would most certainly be sporting some bridal flip flops on freshly pedicured feet.

Whether you are going to have a warm, sunny wedding day or not, flip flops are a great way to keep your feet styling in the Summer time weather. I know this Spring and Summer I will be flopping on my flip flops the first sign of warm weather and us.havaianas.com has a fabulous selection for all flip flop lovers.

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