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Many businesses have started using Facebook Fan Pages as a way to better service their clients and put a personal touch on a professional service or product. As a business owner in 2011 it’s vitally important to be up to par with the new marketing ways. Social media marketing has become more than just a fad; it’s helping businesses everywhere thrive. The best way to allow your Facebook Fan Page to work for you is to ensure you are engaging your fans in the best way possible with interactive conversations.

To begin you must have a Facebook Fan Page setup which may even include a custom designed welcome page so that you will have a more personal and professional look to the page. Businesses need to think outside of the box and ensure that their Facebook Page is welcoming to begin with to ensure fans will “like” their page and come back to interact on a daily or weekly basis.

The best way to start interaction between your business Facebook Fan Page and your fans is to start scheduling conversations throughout the day.  You can use various third party applications such as HootSuite to schedule daily content on your Facebook Fan Page. Think about engaging your fans in a way that doesn’t heavily market your brand but does have topics similar to your business goals. For example if you are a DVD & Photo Transferring Company you may wish to have conversations during the day based on what memories people are making in photos or family movies today. Asking your fans questions or sharing tips and tidbits about how to best make high quality DVD’s or photos is a great way for a DVD & Photo Transfer Company to promote their brand and engage their fans without pushing their services to heavily.

Once your fans start talking on your page and seeing that you are a business that engages its fan base you will notice that the conversation will start to be shared on Twitter and the fans personal Facebook profiles, thus returning more fans for your Facebook Fan Page through word of mouth. When friends of your fans see that they are discussing a topic on a business fan page they will then head over to check out the conversation and possibly like the page to see what the big topic is. As you can see engaging your followers in a not so average marketing way to increase your fan base without heavily promoting “like my page” thus giving you the upper hand in social media marketing.

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Written by brandyellen

Brandy is a born and raised New Hampshire resident who loves being a Mom to three wonderful children. When Brandy isn't writing, she is working part time as an Administrative Assistant. Author, with her daughter, of Positive Girl - The Power of Your Thoughts Question about this post or something found within it? Read my Disclosure Policy as well as Terms of Use.

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  1. blueviolet (261 comments)

    I’m so hit or miss with that! It just depends on my day whether I play on there or not.

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  5. Henrietta (124 comments)

    This is great advice. I’ve been struggling with trying to be more active on my Facebook Fan page – it’s not as easy as it seems, especially when you feel like you’re talking to yourself all the time lol!

  6. Stefani (67 comments)

    I have been thinking of doing a custom welcome page to my Facebook fan pages.

    Thanks for the great info.

  7. Zippy Sandler (7 comments)

    I’m sending my son to read this. He recently took a job managing the FB & twitter (as well as blogs) of 14 companies and he’s rather new at it. Thanks.

  8. Karen (58 comments)

    I am just now starting to get converstations going on my Facebook page. During my work season, it is very hard to get evertying done.

  9. brandy (1595 comments)

    This is awesome advice. I try to get some fb fan convo going but fail hard at it usually :( I’ll have to try more of these tips though.

  10. Melissa (64 comments)

    This is great advice. It can be very useful to a fb page. Thanks!

  11. Tricia Night Owl mama (3 comments)

    so very true and more and more companys hopefully will go this route I see so many leaving their fan pages not taking about anything at all not even current topics of the weather. really makes for bad PR in my opinion because i think even asking costumers for feed back is important

  12. debbi (39 comments)

    Great info. I must say I don’t use my FB page at all. Need to rethink that! TFS.