Charge Clients for Every Work Hour

You arrive for work in the morning at the office and clock into the time clock, from there every minute you work is tracked by your employer. There is no worry about “how many hours did I work” or “did I take my break today” because your employer keeps track of all the small details in their human resource department.

When you work from home having the time clock track all of your work hours is not an option, although you can track your own working hours using software like TimeLoc, you still need to be sure to clock every possible hour you worked for each client to ensure you are being paid for work completed.

Working from home is an amazing, fast growing industry these days and with the economy so up and down it seems it’s the only option that gives peace to entrepreneurs that they will have a consistent, steady job.  Since you are working from home to pay your bills and possibly support your family you must make sure that your time is being paid for so that in turn you can support your family fully on a home income.

Be sure to charge for phone conference hours, whether it be a Skype call or a text chat on Google Talk, you must be sure that your time speaking with a client is being charged. As with any job speaking with your supervisor is paid for, so why would you think otherwise when running your home business?

Whether you choose to bill for emails back and forth is up to you, but most work at home entrepreneurs don’t charge for the email correspondence between themselves and a client.  The hours that count are; phone conversations, research time, time dedicated to complete the project, and those hours spent doing immediate work for the client.

Make sure you are being paid for your hard work. Your clients will appreciate your professional, consistent billing ways just ensure that you release your billing terms with each client prior to contracting with them so that they know what to expect come end of work week when you send out their statement.

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  1. Right on girl! You have to charge clients like an attorney would. They won’t even talk to you for free (except maybe the first hour you meet). Every minute they work on your case whether it’s the paralegal faxing documents to opposing counsel or research they’re doing for your defense, they round up to the quarter hour and bill you for it! Lawyers don’t do anything for free and neither should the work from home professional!

  2. Keeping track of time worked is difficult, especially when you have interruptions from family and friends. I try to let my husband know I am working so he doesn’t try to have a conversation at that particular time. Difficult, ye, but can be done. Thanks for the reminder to bill all hours worked!

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