Those Bathroom Wall Dryers for Hands

You are at the movie theater and you have to rush out to go to the bathroom really quick so that you don’t miss the movie when you realize that the bathroom only has airblade hand dryers which means your hands best be getting dry fast because you totally don’t want to miss more than you have to of that movie.

I understand why companies like Dyson are trying to be the market leaders in hand dryers that automatically dry your hands after using a public bathroom, to save on clean up costs and save on that paper towel trash.  I just haven’t come around to this technology of air drying your hands, you see I am one mom with 2-3 children in a restroom at most any public place and honest want a choice to use paper towels or on of the dyson hand dryers. Sometimes we need a quick dry up and not all hand dryers work fast enough for the juggling child mom.

I do think that the dyson air blade hand dryer is a fabulous invention and should be offered in all public restrooms but give us old school people who are still transitioning from paper towels to hand dryers a chance to choose which option we use after utilizing a public restroom. Every restroom should have two choices; a hand dryer and paper towels.

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