The Trash Pack Came to Ki’s Birthday Party

We had a fabulous time at Ki’s birthday party on October 8th and there is one last piece of fun-tastic news I have to share – the Trash Pack came to our house as a party favor! Each child brought home 2-3 Trashies and oh my goodness these were a hit for boys and girls.

See this big box of little Trashies? Each were small in size and came with their own Trash Pack. The kids had to do some trading, it’s like trading cards back in the day except this time for common and rare trashies. I loved watching the kids with these.

Again, I had to watch my three year old because he wants to play with these but he’s  a real instigator which means he will put these in his mouth just to make his sister gross out. I wasn’t fully prepared to raise boys and deal with the various odd things they do. I had a girl first and so we are still getting used to these “boy things” lol But on a serious note, I was happy to see the kids loved taking home these party favors!

My daughter shown above with her friend at the party holding up her  Trashie while chit chatting with the party guests.

This girl already knew about the Trashies as she visits our home often but since I don’t have written permission signed to share her face on my blog, I have blurred her face.

After the party I did notice some of the mom’s who had children at the party liked the Trash Pack page on Facebook so I say this party was a success in not only having a blast with awesome food and great party favors but it helped spread the word in this NH town for The Trash Pack!

The kids truly loved the Trash Pack gang and you will too! Visit The Trash Pack online, Like the Trash Pack on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest on this cool new toy!

Disclosure: I received these party favors for free. All opinions are truly based on the experience at the party and are that of my own!

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  1. I love this! It reminds me of something in my memories…maybe trading cards like you mentioned. I’m thinking we had something in a garbage can on trading cards way back when…LOL.

  2. It was so cool watching the kids wheel , deal and squeal trading these ! I got “slop corn” what are the odds a farmer would get that one !!! lol Great time !

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