How Do You Get Better Looking Skin

I am doing various things these days to try to keep my adult acne from popping up, I don’t know why but I never really had teenager acne it is only coming around now. Fun times I tell you. With that being said I have been working on using various Skin Care Products I can find to try to keep my skin looking younger & fresh.

One thing I am finding out is that there are so many Acne Products available these days. I don’t know if it was this way when I was a teen because I never had to use them. I do remember as a teen copying my older step sister buy putting rubbing alcohol on my face almost nightly but all it did was dry out my face badly and cause red spots.

I don’t see any Age Spots yet on my face or body but who knows, I will be 30 on the 28th of October so I guess that means my body is aging and spots could show. I haven’t ever seen age spots I don’t think, whatever do they look like? Do you have them?

Surely there is a product for everything these days and skin care products are certainly something to help keep your aging skin healthy.


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  1. I have more issues with my skin than I did as a teenager. Adult acne in women, I think, is often from a change in hormonal levels, though I have no facts to back this up.

    There is an age spot on my face that just showed up one day, flat little dark spot like a large freckle. I didn’t lay out in the sun much when I was young, I’m sure it would be much worse if I did. I have Native American in my DNA somewhere, I tan reddish brown, not golden brown, and I think that makes a difference too.

  2. My mother is 65 and has great skin. The number one tip is to stay out of the sun! She uses Ponds cold cream to remove her makeup at night and she uses oil of olay to moisturize.

  3. I have some age spots and I know they came out because I wasn’t consistent at using sunscreen when I was younger. The best way to avoid getting them is to use a good sunscreen every single day, even if it’s cloudy outside and to start doing this at a very young age.

  4. My issue is tired looking skin. It’s not tired as in the literal “I’m tired” kind of way. I just see some people who have a glow in their skin. Mine is dull. I wish I knew how to get that.

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